Sunday, April 10, 2011

Easter in Philippines

The U.S. has many traditions which are celebrated in the Spring, for example, an Easter egg hunt. In the Philippines there is no Spring season. We have only two seasons which we call “Rainy season” and “Summer.” The only tradition we have in common with the U.S. during this season is to celebrate Easter, in a very religious way.

Lent begins the week on Monday through to Good Friday. This is what we call “Holy Week.” It is an emotion-packed series of religious ceremonies. I remember when I was a child some people would perform singing and reading of the passion of death from verses of the Bible for 24 hours, seven days straight. Food and drink, specially coffee, are served to the singers. Some people would stay up to listen and play cards. Just like here, in the United States, this is an annual celebration, commemorating the resurrection of Jesus Christ. For us, in the Philippines, it is also the principal tradition of the Christian year.

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