Monday, February 14, 2011

Why I admire who I admire

I admire good Presidents, Ronald Reagan in particular.

However, I want to describe my admiration for a person named Craig. He is one of the most intelligent, wonderful, friendly and helpful men I've ever known. He volunteered for more than 4 months at San Mateo Peninsula Works. He continues to volunteer, helping a lot of unemployed to be motivated and uplifted. He organizes and presents many seminars covering technology, career development, emerging industries, and more. I have attended some of his seminars and the most recent one,two weeks ago, was about The Cloud- The IT Future. I admire how he presents and delivers his speech very clearly and comprehensively. How I wish I could  do same.

I admire his friendliness. We play badminton together and, over the years we have created a group of people and made lots of friends. Whenever there's a new face on the court or someone is feeling lost, he'll step in and introduce himself to let them know when we normally play and to ask if he or she wants to join in our group mailing list. He asks for everyone's name and email of the people who wants to be in our group. Craig created a private email group for all of us. So far we have about over 30 people in our badminton group that plays badminton throughout the week.

I admire his love, respect, care and closeness for his Mother and brother.

I admire him for being very helpful to others in need. He helps my family and friends with their computers. I admire him for being a very understanding and loving person. I admire Craig for being patient with all my whining and complaints about my homework.  

Thank goodness he happens to be my husband!


  1. Gina - I like the way you wrote this. What a nice tribute to your lovely husband. If I didn't already know Craig, I would want to!! Peggy

  2. Gina, what a wonderful love letter you have written to your husband! As you outline all his qualities and actions, the reader is inspired to act similarly. Knowing there is a build up to the revelation he is your husband just adds to the pleasure of reading this! Jeanne

  3. Thanks for your wonderful comments Professor!This was an easy post to write!;-)